# Domains for DAOs

Every top-level domain (like .smol, .spartan, .klima) within the Punk Domains protocol can be owned by a different entity. Which makes it perfect for DAOs and communities.

# 1. Unity and belonging

Let's say there's a DAO called BestDAO with very active and excited community members. BestDAO decides to create a top-level domain (TLD) on Punk Domains called .bestdao.

Having their own DAO domains, provides the community members with a stronger sense of unity. Members can mint domain names (or usernames) such as tina.bestdao, mack.bestdao, raoul.bestdao, etc. which increases their feeling of belonging to the common cause.

# 2. Income for DAO treasury

It also gives the DAO treasury a new source of income. Revenue from minting domains goes directly to the DAO treasury.

As the TLD owner, DAO can also mint domains for free, which is very useful as a reward in community competitions.

# 3. Spreading awareness about your DAO

Last but not least, having your own TLD is a great marketing tool to reach people outside your community.

Your DAO members can use their domain names as usernames on platforms like Twitter and this way increase the awareness about your DAO - similar to how .eth helped increase awareness about Ethereum outside the crypto space.

# Reach out!

If you're a member of a DAO and would be interested in having your own TLD, don't hesitate to reach out to us via Discord or Twitter: