# Roadmap

Here you can see the Punk Domains roadmap. Note that this is a live document that is constantly updating.

# Q2/Q3 2022

  • Global resolver contract
  • Flexi contracts deployment on mainnets
  • Tiered pricing contract (prices based on domain name length)

# Q3/Q4 2022

  • UI/UX redesign
  • New browser extension features (block explorer search support, MetaMask integration)
  • Web3 Social frontends for DAOs (use your domains as usernames)
    • Will be offered to partner DAOs as a whitelabel solution.

# 2023

  • DeFi integrations on Web3 Social frontends
  • zkSync 2.0 deployment
  • Renewable domains
  • Web3 pluggable commenting system (a web3 version of "Disqus")